Discover our amazing collection of bath and body care products inspired by natural ingredients and lavish scents. Our indulgent range of scrubs, shower steamers, colognes and more will leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth, and smelling fantastic.

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  1. Exfoliating Coffee Tough Scrub

    Coffee is so much more than just a way to get your morning buzz – it’s also incredible for your skin, and the fragrance hit this scrub will deliver in your shower, is worth it.

  2. Exfoliating Smooth Sugar Scrub

    Exfoliating smooth sugar scrub will help leave your skin smooth, soft, and supple and smell fantastic.

  3. Rub on Cologne

    Rub-on cologne is a unique, solid cologne which is applied with your fingertips, rather than sprayed. While liquid colognes can evaporate rapidly, this solid blend will stay on your skin, allowing the fragrance to evolve throughout the day as it interacts with the surface of your skin.

  4. Shower Steamer

    Shower steamers are the perfect shower companion, and allow you to harness the therapeutic benefits of essential oils while you wash away your troubles. Available in five fresh, clean scents, these small steamers can be placed on the edge of the shower, and will slowly fizz away, releasing their beneficial oils and aromas into the steam.