Our engineered for men shaving products will help to sooth your skin and facial hair as you seek that signature style. Grooming products formulated for men let you feel lavish from the moment you start.

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  1. After Shave Cream

    Shaving can be a harsh experience for the skin to undergo, so it’s important to soothe the skin immediately afterwards, to avoid irritation. The best way to do this, is by applying our Lavish After shave cream with its amazing fragrance.

  2. Foaming Electric Shave Gel

    Our Lavish formula contains the perfect blend of natural ingredients to ensure that your shave is a clean, hydrating experience from start to finish.For a thorough, professional looking shave, start your day with our foaming shave gel, designed for use with electric razors.

  3. Stubble / Beard Softener

    Beard softeners are important because some of the product soaks into the skin beneath your beard. That’s why our formula is light and non-greasy, and contains jojoba oil and vitamin E to condition not only your growing beard, but the delicate skin beneath it.

  4. Shaving Butter

    Like a hot knife through butter, this answer to your shaving experience will give you an effortless, smooth shave. Transform your shaving experience with this non-greasy formula which will fight razor bumps and prevent ingrown hairs.